Hydraulic repairs

Hydraulic and Diesel Services Brisbane focuses on the hydraulic applications specific to our region and the needs of local industries and businesses, such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining etc… and provides professional, reliable and affordable hydraulic repair and service.

Take a look at our vast array of hydraulic services below and what we can do to serve your hydraulic project needs:

Rebuild hydraulic cylinders

Fabricate all new cylinder components, rods, barrels, pistons and glands

Hydraulic system servicing

Hydraulic cylinder honing

Engineering new hydraulic systems

Hydraulic pump and motor reseals

Hydraulic hose and tubing

Expert on-site servicing and repairs

diesel overhauls

Hydraulic and Diesel Services Brisbane provide top quality repairs and services for all types of diesel vehicles and machines in the region.

Our mechanics and auto electricians have extensive diagnostic skills and are well resourced to carry out mechanical, electrical and hydraulic repairs at the highest standard.

We specialise in:

Engine rebuilds

Major overhauls




Repairs to power shift transmissions and drivelines

Repairs to all makes of diesel engines

The vehicles and machines we service:
Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, Bobcats, Cranes, Loaders, Track Machinery, Rollers, Multi-tyred Rollers, Fixed Plant etc.

Diesel Vehicle Inspections

Hydraulic and Diesel Services Brisbane is an Approved Inspection Station.

We are approved to inspect:

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Trailers

Light Vehicles

Light Trailers


Hydraulic and Diesel Services Brisbane have Engineering and design services available and the workshop is equipped with:

Large lathe

Milling machine

MIG, TIG and ARC Welding facilities

Auto electric and air conditioning

All Auto-Electrical and Air-Conditioning diagnostic facilities are available on-site. Our workshop is equipped with scan tool for fault finding and clearing service codes.

Hydraulink logo

HDS stocks and supplies a large range of Hydraulink hose and fittings.

Whatever the application, we will have the correct hose and fittings that are required for the job and also offer a mobile service.

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